In 1996, David Alan Kerrigan founded D.A. International Casting Company. He started with nothing more than a vision of a successful casting business, a dedication to customer service, and a small rented space in central Ohio. With a couple of sand casting samples, and one potential customer, David began his quest to forge his way in the casting industry.

Today, D.A. International Casting Company has grown to serve over 800 customers and stocks over 1,100 different products–including an extensive supply of railcar replacement parts.  David attributes part of this success to the purchase of Racine Steel and Wine Railcar. Since 1903, Wine Railcar has provided top quality castings to the railroad industry.

Over the years, D.A. has expanded their products to include premium investment castings, forgings, stampings and fabrications. This extensive inventory allows the company to now accommodate multiple markets, such as the railroad industry, mass transit, agriculture, heavy trucking, mining and telecommunication.

Visit D.A. International Casting Company’s state of the art 100,000 square-foot facility in Mansfield, Ohio, full of OEM and custom stock. See for yourself why we are an industry leader that is excited to meet your company’s specific needs.

David Alan Kerrigan