D.A./WINE Railcar Products offers its most advanced manual door lock system and it is called the Rapid-Release™ Cam Lock Assembly. It is designed using the same technology as the proven single door cam lock system, but requires fewer parts than that of a pair of single door cam locks.  With one cam lock system, a pair of hopper doors can be operated from either side of the rail car by one person.  It is easy to install on new or existing conventional hopper cars since it features standard mounting hole locations.  The system is built WINE tough and features dual outboard hooks to help support the commodity more evenly.  This patented design features over-center locking cams which are self locking when the car is loaded.  A secondary lock is built in for added safety and as a provision to operate in rotary dump service.  Whether building new cars or converting existing cars, the Rapid-Release™ Cam Lock Assembly will do the job.  With over 100 years of railcar experience, we are building for the future while keeping in mind cost, quality and long-term reliability.

In addition, D.A. International Casting Co. has a new partnership with Tealinc Ltd. on the Rapid-Release™ Cam Lock Assembly. Tealinc, Ltd is a dynamic results-driven company that specializes in transportation solutions for shippers, railroads and investors. Tealinc, Ltd. buys and sells railcars and locomotives to the shipper, railroad and investor community. They also supply railcars through operating leases.

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