Exciting New Uses for Automatic Rapid Discharge Cars – Manual Operation

D. A. International Casting Company/WINE Railcar Products is supplying WINE double adjustable locks for a program to convert automatic rapid discharge cars to manual operation.  The cars feature four pockets and will be used to haul aggregate.  The WINE locking system is easy to apply, reliable and service proven.

“This is an exciting expansion of our WINE double adjustable locks,” said David Kerrigan, President/CEO of D.A. International Casting Company. “We believe there are 100,000 cars that can be converted so we can put these cars back to work in the aggregate industry.” Contact us for more details.

D.A. International Sponsors the Markham Majors Hockey Club

D.A. International Casting Company has become a proud sponsor of the U14 AAA Markham Majors Hockey team. The hockey club is training to represent Canada at the U14 World Hockey Tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden. The team will travel to Sweden at the end of December as part of the 62 hockey clubs participating in the event.

“These young men have worked hard for this opportunity and will proudly represent Canada in this tournament,” said David Kerrigan, President/CEO of D.A. International Casting Company. “We are excited to be able to sponsor the Markham Majors & give back to the hockey community that I grew up in. We look forward to following the team’s adventures and hope they bring home a trophy.”

D. A. International Casting Co. announces a new distribution location in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

D. A. International Casting Co. is proud to announce the opening of a new distribution location in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our commitment to supplying high-quality castings, forgings, and fabrications to the railroad industry and other industrial businesses remains unwavering. With the addition of this distribution center, we’re thrilled to enhance our customer service to both our existing and new customers in Canada.

At DA, we’re dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our expert team is always ready to help with any inquiries you might have, and we’re confident that we can provide you with the best possible solutions for your needs. Whether you’re looking for precision castings or custom forgings, our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff ensure that we deliver the highest quality products.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 419-522-2278. We look forward to partnering with you and supporting your business needs.

D.A. International Marching Forward with Safe Operations


As you are well aware, local governments are mandating closures of non-essential business in many areas due to the COVID – 19 crisis. While Ohio has issued a stay at home order, D.A. International Casting Company is classified as an essential business as we are a critical supplier for the transportation industry. We hope we can play a small role in making sure every American has access to the supplies we all desperately need during these trying times.

Still, the health and safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us, as we stay open to continue to provide our customers the quality products they need to continue their operations. D.A. International Casting Company is following all of the guidelines issued by the State of Ohio to make this happen. We believe we have a very safe environment for our employees, and are grateful to have their dedication and support during this pandemic.

“While these times are far from normal, we are continuing to fill our customer’s orders in a timely manner,” said David Kerrigan, President & Owner of D.A. International Casting Company. “Preparing for a crisis like this is impossible, however, our inventory program has allowed us to continue to meet our customers’ needs during unprecedented times.”

Rest assured that we are doing everything we can right now to maintain a normal flow of business at D.A. International. If you have any questions, please reach out to us, or visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website at https://www.cisa.gov/publication/guidance-essential-critical-infrastructure-workforce.

Again, we thank our devoted family of employees at D.A. International for continuing to provide excellent customer service. We also thank our customers for their loyalty and trust in us. This situation is not forever and we look forward to easier times for all. Please stay safe and know we are doing everything we can to continue to provide the highest quality service and support to our customers.

Chinese Tariffs Force U.S. Steelmaker to Sue the U.S.

(Photo from JSW website)

As trade talks with China fall apart again, JSW Steel announced it is suing the U.S. for  not exempting the company from the imposed steel levies. The company says it was forced to pay tens of millions of dollars in tariffs because it does not have enough domestic steel slab  to produce their products. According to the JSW website, the company is one of the largest plate mills in America. It manufactures pipeline products and items such as hot rolled coiled bands.

“This is just one example of the unintended problems with the current tariffs on the steel industry,” said David Kerrigan, President and CEO of D.A. International Casting Company. “The impact of the current  tariffs on steel products is vast and continues to hurt U.S. companies and consumers. This is just one example of a U.S. company being hurt by the ongoing trade war with China.”

D.A. International Casting Company serves over 800 customers and stocks over 1,100 different products–including an extensive supply of railcar replacement parts. D.A. International products include premium investment castings, forgings, stampings and fabrications. This extensive inventory allows the company to accommodate multiple markets, such as the railroad industry, mass transit, agriculture, heavy trucking, mining and telecommunication.

The entire Bloomberg article on this developing story is available online.

D. A. International Casting Company’s Rapid Release Offered by Tealinc

In an effort to increase efficiency and safety, D.A. International Casting Co. developed the Rapid-Release Cam Lock Assembly.  In an exciting partnership with Tealinc, Ltd., the Rapid-Release system is currently available on 4000 cubic foot open top hoppers with manual discharge outlet gates.

The Rapid-Release Cam Lock Assembly is designed using the same technology as the proven single door cam lock system, but requires fewer parts than that of a pair of single door cam locks.  With one cam lock system, a pair of hopper doors can be operated from either side of the rail car by one person.  It is easy to install on new or existing conventional hopper cars since it features standard mounting hole locations.

“We are excited to be able to work with Tealinc, Ltd. to combine over 100 years of railcar experience, with modern technology,” said David Kerrigan, CEO and President of D.A. International Casting Company. “This innovative product helps strengthen the future of the railcar industry by keeping in mind safety, cost, quality and long-term reliability.”

U.S. Government Imposed Tariffs Hit Steel Castings & Forgings

On July 6, 2018, the U.S. Government issued another round of tariffs. Unfortunately, there are some D.A. International Casting Co. products that have been impacted. David Kerrigan, President/CEO of D.A. International Casting Co., expressed extreme disappointment in the recent tariffs. “History has proven that tariffs like these do not work. Instead, such tariffs usually escalate into trade wars which result in higher prices for consumers.” D.A. International will continue to monitor the situation very closely and do everything in the company’s power to continue to provide top quality castings and forgings at a competitive price.

Below is the letter sent to some of the company’s customers that were hurt by the tariffs.

D.A. International Announces Partnership with Tealinc

D.A. International Casting Company is proud to announce a new partnership with Tealinc Ltd. on the Rapid-Release Cam Lock Assembly. D.A. International’s Rapid-Release system is the most advanced manual door lock system specially designed to allow one person operation from either side of the car. This system assures that unloading open top hopper cars is easier, safer and more efficient.

Tealinc, Ltd is a dynamic results-driven company that specializes in transportation solutions for shippers, railroads and investors. Tealinc, Ltd. buys and sells railcars and locomotives to the shipper, railroad and investor community. They also supply railcars through operating leases.

“This new partnership with Tealinc Ltd. offers an exciting new opportunity for D.A. International Casting Company,” said David Kerrigan, President and CEO of D.A. International Casting Co. “We are delighted to be working with this major leasing company to offer the most advanced manual dumping system on the market.”

The Rapid-Release system is designed using the same technology as the proven single door cam lock system, but requires fewer parts than that of a pair of single door cam locks.  With one cam lock system, a pair of hopper doors can be operated from either side of the rail car by one person.  It is easy to install on new or existing conventional hopper cars since it features standard mounting hole locations.

Be sure to check out our Videos section for more information on the Rapid-Release. 

D.A. International Casting Company Sponsors CBJ Foundation Outing

Don Hoover, Gregory Campbell, Heather Kerrigan, David Kerrigan, David Carto

For the third year in a row, D.A. International Casting Company was a proud sponsor of the Columbus Blue Jacket Foundation Golf Outing. The Blue Jackets players, coaches, management and staff all take part in the team’s annual golf outing which raises money for the Blue Jackets Foundation.

The foundation was established by team founder John H. McConnell back in 2000. McConnell wanted all members of the Blue Jacket organization to help improve the quality of life throughout the community with a focus on the areas of pediatric cancer; children’s health and safety; and youth and amateur hockey development.

The Golf Outing is just one of the many fantastic events the foundation puts on each year. Beautiful Double Eagle Club in Galena plays host to the outing, which features a “player auction” before the shotgun start. This year D.A. International Casting Company played with Gregory Campbell, a new CBJ player who formerly played for the Boston Bruins where he gained the nickname “Soupy.”

“I’m excited to see new talent like Campbell added to the CBJ roster,” said David Kerrigan, President & CEO of D.A. International Casting Co. “He’s also a competitive golfer who holed a killer shot out of a treacherous bunker to land our team a gross 2 on a competitive par 4. It’s a thrill to play such a beautiful course with such quality people, but more importantly, it’s inspiring to see the community come together to raise money for such a worthy cause.”

Soupy” after sinking the shot. 

Since 2000, the Foundation has given $6.4 million to nonprofit organizations in central Ohio. But the foundation has always been about more than financial gifts. The players and staff spend significant time away from the arena, visiting and working with kids, parents, coaches, teachers, doctors, nurses, and others, all in support of our signature cause: the health and safety of local young people. It was very important to McConnell that the team be directly involved in helping these causes. 

“I think Mr. McConnell would be very proud to see the generosity that was demonstrated in the outing today, ” said Kerrigan. “He is widely recognized as one of Columbus’ most generous citizens and his spirit still brings out the best in people. D.A. International Casting Co. is humbled to continue supporting McConnell’s vision.”

D.A. International Casting Teeing it Up for an Exciting CBJ Season

CBJ Captain Nick Foligno, Heather Kerrigan, CBJ Defenseman Dalton Prout, & David Kerrigan

As excitement builds over the upcoming 2015-2016 Columbus Blue Jacket’s season, David Kerrigan, President/CEO of D.A. International Casting Co., joined the team for the 2015 CBJ Corporate Golf Outing at The Lakes  Golf & Country Club. Dave and Heather Kerrigan had the pleasure of playing with former Blue Jacket Fredrik Modin. During his time with, the Columbus Blue Jackets, Modin served as an alternate Captain. He is also one of the elite members of the Triple Gold Club having won the Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Gold Medals both in the Olympics & the Ice Hockey World Championship while representing his home country of Sweden. Only 26 hockey players hold this honor.

“I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Freddy on the golf course, and on the ice,” said Kerrigan. “Freddy was a great player and serves as a wonderful ambassador for the game of hockey. I’m so glad he continues his involvement with the Columbus Blue Jackets.”

D.A. International Casting Company is a proud partner of the Columbus Blue Jackets for the third year in a row. “I am thrilled to see the new talent that has been added to the team this year, but it’s also exciting to see the team have a Captain this year in Nick Foligno,” added Kerrigan. “He showed great leadership last year during tough injuries. Dalton Prout is another example of a talented, hard working player who helped hold the team together under difficult times.”

The excitement for this new season could be felt all over the golf course. John Davidson, president of Hockey Operations, and Jarmo Kekalainen,  CBJ General Manager, we are also in attendance and are looking forward to see their off-season work play out on the ice. Coach Todd Richards told Kerrigan that it’s fantastic to see players like Brandon Saad join the Blue Jacket team, but he’s just as excited to see young players like David Savard and Ryan Johansen return to the ice as better, more experienced players.  The hockey world is already taking notice of this new and improved team. In fact, Sportsnet recently named the Columbus Blue Jackets one of the most improved teams during the off-season. The CBJ checked in at number seven.

D.A. International Casting Co. Supports the Ronald McDonald House

David Kerrigan (right of Ronald McDonald) at Scioto Reserve Country Club

David Kerrigan, President & CEO of D.A. International Casting Company, joined the fun at the 29th Ronald McDonald House Golf Classic held on July 13.  The event is hosted at five of the top golf courses in the Columbus area to raise money for the Columbus Ronald McDonald House which provides extensive services for the families of seriously ill children.

The outing was started  by Joe Mortellaro, friend of Kerrigan and owner of numerous McDonalds in the state of Ohio. The inaugural event was back in 1984. It was held at a public course in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and they served Quarter Pounders for lunch & dinner. They event raised $4,000. Today, Joe’s golf tournament grosses about $350,000 for a one-day event. Since that first outing,  the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus has grown from an 18-room house to the largest Ronald McDonald House in the world! This year, the tournament was thrilled to have Urban Meyer, Ohio State University (OSU) head football coach, and Thad Matta, OSUBasketball head coach, as honorary co-chairs of the event.

Joe Mortellaro (on the right) founder of the Ronald McDonald House Golf Classic

“Joe’s commitment to the Columbus Ronald McDonald House is extraordinary. It is no coincidence that the Columbus House has grown so much since Joe started this exciting event,” said Kerrigan. “His outing has become a premiere golf event in Ohio. To fill five golf courses with so many supporters is an impressive feat, and a wonderful gift to so many families that struggle with terrible childhood illnesses.”

“In fact, just a few years ago, the Columbus Ronald McDonald House decided to rename the tournament the ‘Joe Mortellaro Ronald McDonald House Golf Classic’ in honor of Joe’s generosity and dedication to the organization,” added Kerrigan.

Coach Urban Meyer at the awards dinner
Coach Thad Matta at the awards dinner

CEO David Kerrigan Addresses OSU Students

D.A. International Casting Company’s CEO & founder, David A. Kerrigan, was invited to speak to a senior Ohio State University marketing class today. This is the second time Mr. Kerrigan was asked to address the class about his challenges and successes in the world of international business.

Kerrigan spoke to the class about his numerous entrepreneurial experiences over the past 35 years. However, his main message to the students addressed D.A. International Casting Company’s success in the international marketplace. Mr. Kerrigan emphasized the importance of long-standing relationships with business colleagues abroad. He explained that much of the success of D.A. International Casting Co., is based on over 20 years of working with people that have the strong business morals and work ethic.

“After 53 trips to China, I consider my business associates there as family,” said Kerrigan. “You must have relationships you can trust fully to produce top quality products. I’ve been blessed to work with highly experienced business professionals in our trade.”

Kerrigan added, “You must meet the needs of your customer in a timely manner.  We work with our partners abroad to ensure all standards are met, or exceeded. We inspect abroad, and again in our plant in Mansfield. Product integrity is essential to any business you may enter.”

His speech inspired many interesting questions from the class. After answering them, he told the students “Work hard & set your goals high. Don’t just try to reach them,” he added, “try to jump five feet higher. If I can do it, anyone in this room can.”

Kerrigan was honored to learn he will address the class again this fall.


To kick-off the NHL All-Star game weekend in Columbus, Ohio, David A. Kerrigan, President/CEO of D.A. International Casting Company, joined some former NHL All-Stars for an All-Star Alumni game on the outdoor rink at the All-Star Winter Park presented by Worthington Industries.

The event took place at the Scotts Miracle-Gro Community Rink, where fans lined the glass to catch a glimpse of former Blue Jackets like Fredrik ModinAndrew Cassels, and Jody Shelley. Current Blue Jackets assistant coach Brad Larsen also took to the ice with members of the Blue Jackets hockey ops department for a less-conventional morning skate. It was a great way to welcome folks to Columbus for an incredible weekend of All-Star fun.

David Kerrigan & Jody Shelley

David Kerrigan Joins the Fight agains Pediatric Cancer at “THE CREASE”

David & Heather Kerrigan

“The Crease” kicked off All-Star Weekend by raising $600,000 for pediatric cancer research

“Where being bad is good” was the theme for The Crease, a one-of-a-kind underground speakeasy party to raise money for pediatric cancer research. With $600,000 raised by the Blue Jackets Foundation on Thursday night, it’s safe to say there was plenty of good done.

The story behind The Crease is unique; when planning for the 2015 NHL All-Star festivities in Columbus, the Blue Jackets Foundation sought to do something different and something memorable to support its signature cause. Hosted at the legendary Columbus Athenaeum on 4th St. downtown, the 1920s-style prohibition underground party contained few details and many secrets – but that was the plan all along.

All that the party’s attendees needed was the appropriately-themed attire, a ticket and a way to get downtown. The rest was unveiled right before them, as various entertainers took the stage in the main ballroom and kept the vibe going throughout the evening. Magicians, dancers, musical acts…the night had surprises and special guests at every turn and kept attendees guessing as to what was next.

Some of those in attendance: the Blue Jackets’ All-Stars Nick Foligno and Ryan Johansen, Blue Jackets majority owner John P. McConnell, president of hockey operations John Davidson, GM Jarmo Kekalainen, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, and several Columbus dignitaries who joined in the celebration for a good cause.

The entire cost of the event was underwritten by the McConnell Family Foundation, meaning every penny raised went directly to the Blue Jackets Foundation’s fight against pediatric cancer.

“The thought was to do something really special to celebrate Columbus and the weekend. It wasn’t so much about the fundraising part but more so celebrating the city, but you don’t get a gift like this from the McConnell Family Foundation and not leverage that,” said Cathy Lyttle, vice-chairwoman of the Blue Jackets Foundation. “The idea behind the speakeasy theme was fun to think about – we wanted something unique. We didn’t want to do something where everyone sits down and has dinner at a table of 10. We wanted something that was secret, where you needed a password, which was kind of analogous to Columbus.

“The people who came to Columbus for All-Star Weekend discovered our little secret and probably saw our city in a way that they haven’t before. It was a fun to celebrate a night and we tried something that hadn’t been done before, and I think we succeeded.”

The big surprise of the night came after a “police raid,” ushering the crowd from the lower level of the Athenaeum to an upstairs theater, where emcee Johnny DiLoretto introduced Sara Bareilles, known for hit songs like “Love Song” and “Brave.” Bareilles played several of her songs, some on the piano and others on guitar, keeping the audience entertained with her trademark dry sense of humor.

“We really loved Sara Bareilles’ tie to us and our cause through the song ‘Brave,’” Lyttle said. “It has a lot of meaning. We liked the song and its attachment to the fight against pediatric cancer. When she sang that song at the end, we showed images from our Flashes of Hope calendar and our team’s connection to these kids. Plus she’s just a great entertainer, and her style seemed to fit the speakeasy theme – she was casual, funny, and absolutely a fantastic fit for this event.”

“We really loved Sara Bareilles’ tie to us and our cause through the song ‘Brave,’” Lyttle said. “It has a lot of meaning. We liked the song and its attachment to the fight against pediatric cancer. When she sang that song at the end, we showed images from our Flashes of Hope calendar and our team’s connection to these kids. Plus she’s just a great entertainer, and her style seemed to fit the speakeasy theme – she was casual, funny, and absolutely a fantastic fit for this event.”

Rapid-Release Videos

D.A./WINE Railcar Products offers its most advanced manual door lock system and it is called Rapid-Release. It is designed using the same technology as the proven single door cam lock system, but requires fewer parts than that of a pair of single door cam locks.  With one Rapid-Release cam lock system, a pair of hopper doors can be operated from either side of the rail car by one person.  It is easy to install on new or existing conventional hopper cars since it features standard mounting hole locations.  The Rapid-Release is built WINE tough and features dual outboard hooks to help support the commodity more evenly.  This patented design features over-center locking cams which are self locking when the car is loaded.  A secondary lock is built in for added safety and as a provision to operate in rotary dump service.  Whether building new cars or converting existing cars, the Rapid-Release will do the job.  With over 100 years of railcar experience, we are building for the future while keeping in mind cost, quality and long-term reliability.

Rapid Release – Introducing The New Generation WINE Manual Door Lock System

In 2009, D.A. introduces its new generation WINE manual door lock system called  Rapid-Release .  The  Rapid-Release cam lock system is based on our proven single door cam lock technology, but features simultaneous control of a pair of hopper doors.  The locking points are on both sides of the car for strong support and the cam lock assembly is designed for easy application to conventional open top hopper cars.  It can be readily applied to new or existing new equipment.  Best of all, one person can operate the  Rapid-Release  cam lock from either side of the car.

60,000-pound railcar on display as evidence of company success

By Mark Caudill, mcaudill@nnccgarnett.com
News Journal, 419-521-7219

The Purdy Construction Company used a giant crane to off-load a 60,000-pound rail car at DA International Casting Co. of Mansfield.

MANSFIELDS – The third expansion for DA International Casting Co. was a big deal. Literally.

The company is displaying a 60,000-poiund railcar on a section of track installed at the plant, 23 Mansfield Industrial Parkway. With the help of Ashland Railway Inc. and Purdy Construction Co., the car was moved Friday by flatbed carrir, lifted with special cranes and placed on the tracks.

About 30 employees and family members gathered outside the plant for the spectacle. Many, like C.J. Lawhorn were taking pictures. Lawhorn, who joined DA International Casting only two months ago, used her cell phone to record the moment.

“I’m still learning the concept of everthing, but this is a very nice idea,” Lawhorn said. “This is very exciting for us.”

The purpose of the display is to feature some of the castings and fabrications that DA International and its trademark division, WINE Railcar Products, supply.

“it’s an ornament, but it’s also a functioning car for development pursposes,” said David Kerrigan, president and chief executive officer. “If you see coal in a car, chances are it’s got our parts on it.”

As cranes lifted the massive railcar, a delicate monarch butterfly – weighing somewhat less than 60,000-pounds – fluttered past it. Purdy Construction workers directed traffic.

Mark Carifa, vice president of operations, expressed concern about nearby power lines getting in the way of hoisting the railcar, but there were no such problems.

Purchasing manager Peggy Stevens, who has been at DA International going on two years, joined Carifa in taking pictures.

“It’s really exciting, something special,” she said

Kerrigan formed DA International in 1996. The company moved to Mansfield in 2003, Kerrigan credited Mayor Lydia Reid and economic development Director Tim Bowersock for swaying the decision.

“We’ve got a lot of places we could have gone,” Kerrigan said.

He said the family-owned company has flourished since its move to Mansfield.

“We can’t expand much more,” he said.

As Friday’s festivities drew to a close, Kerrigan looked admiringly at the railcar, which his kids wanted to climb. Asked how long he would leave the display in front of the company, Kerrigan said, “as long as possible.”