D. A. International Casting Company’s Rapid Release Offered by Tealinc

In an effort to increase efficiency and safety, D.A. International Casting Co. developed the Rapid-Release Cam Lock Assembly.  In an exciting partnership with Tealinc, Ltd., the Rapid-Release system is currently available on 4000 cubic foot open top hoppers with manual discharge outlet gates.

The Rapid-Release Cam Lock Assembly is designed using the same technology as the proven single door cam lock system, but requires fewer parts than that of a pair of single door cam locks.  With one cam lock system, a pair of hopper doors can be operated from either side of the rail car by one person.  It is easy to install on new or existing conventional hopper cars since it features standard mounting hole locations.

“We are excited to be able to work with Tealinc, Ltd. to combine over 100 years of railcar experience, with modern technology,” said David Kerrigan, CEO and President of D.A. International Casting Company. “This innovative product helps strengthen the future of the railcar industry by keeping in mind safety, cost, quality and long-term reliability.”